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Category: Surgery--->Inguinal Hernias
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The incidence of inguinal hernias in men has a bimodal distribution, which peaks:

A. Before the second year of life and after age 50
B. Before the first year of life and after age 40
C. Before the eighth year oflife and after age 40
D. Before the fifth year of life and after age 50

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The two types of collagen found to exist in a decreased ratio of the skin of inguinal hernia patients are:

A. Types I and II
B. Types II and III
C. Types I and III
D. Types III and VI

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According to the Nyhus classification system that categorizes hernia defects by location, size, and type, type IIIC represents:

A. Indirect hernia; internal abdominal ring normal; typically in infants, children, small adults
B. Direct hernia; size is not taken into account
C. Recurrent hernia; modifiers A-D are sometimes added, which correspond to indirect, direct, femoral, and mixed
D. Femoral hernia

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A. Should be performed when strangulation is suspected
B. Refers to the method of securing mesh to the inguinal ligament
C. Should not be repeated more than five times
D. Should be used for incarcerated hernias without sequelae or strangulation

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A hernia sac that extends into the scrotum may:

A. Require extensive dissection and reduction
B. Require division within the inguinal canal
C. Require amputation of the sac
D. Require the sac to be inverted into the preperitoneum

Category: Surgery--->Inguinal Hernias
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