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Category: Plastic Surgery--->History of plastic surgery
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Which surgeon conducted a very public argument with Roux about which of them was first to repair a cleft soft palate?

A. Langenbeck
B. Vernieuil
C. von Graefe
D. Dieffenbach
E. Beisemberger

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The following individuals are famous for their contributions to the practice of nasal reconstruction except:

A. Pfalzpaint
B. Tagliocozzi
C. Sushruta
D. Branca
E. Galen

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Whose name is associated with the use of small chips of bone graft sometimes used to fill cavities in bone?

A. Barth
B. Phemister
C. Petrov
D. Baschkirzew
E. Olliere

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Who first described the latissimus dorsi myocutaneous flap? 

A. William Steward Halsted in 1882
B. Alexis Carrel in 1912
C. Iginio Tansini in 1896
D. Lumniczer Sandor in 1844
E. Jules-Emile Péan in 1893

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Which one of the following is true regarding fundamental experimental microsurgical procedures?

A. Sun Lee’s portocaval shunt operation in the rat was the first published procedure initiating the development of experimental microsurgery
B. Kidney transplantation in a rat was the first published experimental microsurgical procedure
C. Anastomoses of microvessels can be performed by cuff technique only
D. Tissue transplantation can not be completed without vascular anastomoses
E. None of the above is true

Category: Plastic Surgery--->History of plastic surgery
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