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Which of the following neuropharmacological agents is described as a melatonergic antidepressant?

A. Agomelatine
B. L-tryptophan
C. Melatonin
D. Modafinil
E. Ropinirole

Question 92# Print Question

Which of the following medications can be used to treat narcolepsy and associated sleep disorders?

A. Buprenorphine
B. Fluoxetine
C. Imipramine
D. Modafinil
E. Naloxone

Question 93# Print Question

Which of the following drugs has some evidence for the treatment of resistant depression as an augmenting agent to SSRIs?

A. Atenolol
B. Labetolol
C. Pentazocine
D. Pindolol
E. Tramadol

Question 94# Print Question

The half-life of atomoxetine in most individuals is:

A. 2 weeks
B. 24 hours
C. 36 hours
D. 5 days
E. 5 hours

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Which of the following is considered to be the safest of all MAO-A inhibitors when used in combination with other antidepressants to treat depression?

A. Isocarboxazid
B. Isoniazid
C. Phenelzine
D. Selegiline
E. Tranylcypromine

Category: Psychiatry--->Pharmacology
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