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Which of these is CORRECT regarding the effects of sildenafil?

A. Is excreted unmetabolised in urine
B. Erythromycin increases plasma levels of sildenafil
C. Priapism is a common side effect
D. Discontinuation due to adverse events is higher than placebo
E. Has a half life of eighteen hours

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All the following are TRUE for a threepiece inflatable penile prosthesis except:

A. Infection rate with penile implant is 1%–3%
B. Patients should be warned of migration, erosion and mechanical failure
C. Penile prosthesis satisfaction rates are 70%–87%
D. Both the flaccid penis and erection produced with prosthesis are no different than normal
E. Infection and erosion are significantly higher in spinal cord injury patients

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The following are TRUE about Klinefelter’s syndrome except:

A. Affected male has 47, XXY genotype
B. It affects 1 in 650 males
C. Androgen replacement may be needed as patient ages
D. Seminomatous germ cell tumours are more common in these patients
E. Karyotyping is used for diagnosis

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The following are TRUE for Y microdeletions and infertility except:

A. Y deletions are not found in normospermic man
B. Most frequently detected microdeletion is AZFc
C. AZFa microdeletion may cause variable phenotype ranging from azoospermia to oligozoospermia
D. Deletions are extremely rare with sperm concentration >5 million sperms/mL
E. Y-deletion spermatozoa will transmit the deletion to male offspring via in vitro fertilisation (IVF) or intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)

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Peyronie’s disease 

A. Is more common in the Afro-Caribbean population
B. Is associated with diabetes
C. Complex surgical correction always performed with saphenous vein grafts
D. Is associated with TGF-α
E. Salvage surgery has poor results

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