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Which is CORRECT for the artificial urinary sphincter (AUS)?

A. It is the method of choice to treat stress urinary incontinence secondary to neurogenic bladder dysfunction
B. In a patient with neuropathic bladder, the cuff should be placed at the bulbar urethral sphincter in a man and at the bladder neck in a woman
C. It must not be placed at the same time as a ‘clam’ cystoplasty due to the risk of device infection
D. The revision rate is equivalent in neuropaths and non-neuropaths
E. The infection rate is 10%

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Which of the following statements is CORRECT with respect to sacral anterior root stimulator (SARS)?

A. At the time of implantation, it is usual to perform a concurrent dorsal rhizotomy, which involves dividing the posterior roots of S2 and S3
B. Should be accompanied by dorsal rhizotomy in patients with both complete and incomplete spinal cord lesions
C. The benefits include increased bladder capacity and compliance
D. Causes reflex erection in a man
E. May cause constipation

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Which is TRUE regarding anticholinergic medications?

A. Oxybutynin causes direct smooth muscle relaxation via calcium channel blockade
B. Tolterodine is M3 receptor specific
C. M3 receptors are more abundant in the detrusor but M2 receptors are functionally more important
D. The STAR study compared efficacy, side effect profile and discontinuation rates of solifenacin 5 mg with 10 mg
E. Fesoterodine is a prodrug that after oral administration is hydrolysed to the same active metabolite as oxybutynin

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Which is CORRECT regarding neuroanatomy of the bladder?

A. Parasympathetic nerves arise from T10-L2
B. Sympathetic nerves arise from T11-L2
C. Somatic nerves arise from L2-L4
D. Pudendal nerve has fibres that originate from Onuf’s nucleus at the medial border of anterior horn
E. All of the above

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The urodynamic trace below

demonstrates the following feature:

A. The voiding phase is normal
B. There are no cough tests on this trace
C. The abdominal line is not functioning well
D. Classical sawtooth appearance of neurogenic detrusor overactivity with sustained high pressure contraction
E. More than 500 mL have been instilled

Category: Urology--->Neurourology
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