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Which of the following principles is not included in psychiatric classifi catory systems (ICD and DSM) to define specific psychiatric disorders?

A. Number of symptoms
B. Impairment criteria
C. Duration criteria
D. Prognostic criteria
E. Exclusion criteria

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Which of the following is a difference between DSM-IV and ICD-10?

A. Culture-bound syndromes are separately classified in ICD
B. Comorbid diagnoses are allowed in DSM
C. DSM-IV has a dimensional approach to personality disorders
D. Length of illness is a criteria for diagnosing DSM-IV schizophrenia
E. Schizotypal disorder is a personality disorder in ICD-10

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In the multiaxial system of DSM-IV, the fifth axis refers to:

A. General medical condition
B. Personality difficulties
C. Global assessment of functioning
D. Psychosocial stress factors
E. Intelligence level

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Two clinicians using the same checklist to aid clinical description come up with the same diagnosis.

Which of the following properties of the checklist is involved in this outcome?

A. Validity of the checklist
B. Reliability of checklist
C. Sensitivity of checklist
D. Specificity of checklist
E. None of the above

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Which of the following could increase the validity of psychiatric diagnosis in the future?

A. Cross-cultural studies
B. Laboratory tests
C. Operational criteria
D. Cross-sectional studies
E. Consensus statements

Category: Psychiatry--->Core Clinical Psychiatry
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