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Category: Psychiatry--->Psychopathology
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A 35-year-old lady complains of changes in the shape of objects perceived. She is having difficulties in perceiving the symmetry of objects. This symptom is called:

A. Dysmegalopsia
B. Micropsia
C. Macropsia
D. Lilliputian hallucinations
E. Pareidolia

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A 12-year-old boy, at a school anniversary celebration, vividly describes what martians may look like.

Which of the following is true about this imagery? The imagery is:

A. A perception
B. A fantasy
C. A pseudohallucination
D. An illusion
E. None of the above

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An 8-year-old boy is frightened to be alone at home. He starts seeing monsters out of wind moving through window curtains.

Which of the following symptoms is he experiencing?

A. Pareidolia
B. Completion illusion
C. Eidetic imagery
D. Affect illusion
E. Hallucination

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A 19-year-old man sees his new girlfriend’s face from the shapes of clouds.

This perception will:

A. Intensify on paying attention
B. Cannot be dismissed voluntarily
C. Arises from unambiguous stimuli
D. Associated with intense affect change
E. Associated with loss of insight

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A 35-year-old lady reports hearing voices in her head.

Which of the following differences between hallucination and pseudohallucination is true?

A. In true hallucinations insight is often retained
B. True hallucinations are often identified to be originating from self
C. True hallucinations occur in subjective space
D. True hallucinations are sought in other modalities by the patient
E. True hallucinations cannot occur in two modalities simultaneously

Category: Psychiatry--->Psychopathology
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