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Which of the following are associated with familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP):

a. Osteomas
b. Glioblastoma multiforme
c. Meckel diverticulum
d. Esophageal atresia

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Which mutated gene malignant disease association is correct:

a. PTEN and Li-Fraumeni syndrome
b. RET and MEN2 syndrome
c. P16 and synovial sarcoma
d. BRCA1 and adrenocortical carcinoma

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Risk for invasive breast cancer development is increased for each factor EXCEPT:

a. Age at menarche < 12
b. Age at first live birth >30
c. Biopsy-proven atypical hyperplasia
d. No previous breast biopsy

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Routine ongoing cancer screening is recommended for which of the following malignancies?

a. Ovary
b. Leukemia
c. Carcinoma of the kidney
d. Sarcoma

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Depending on the tumor, acceptable approaches to biopsy include any of the following EXCEPT:

a. Fine-needle aspiration
b. Core needle biopsy
c. Incisional biopsy
d. Morcellation

Category: Surgery--->Oncology
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