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After completion of the vascular anastomoses, drainage of a transplanted pancreas is accomplished by anastomosis to:

a. Right colon
b. Left colon
c. Duodenum
d. Bladder or small bowel

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All of the following are absolute contraindications in considering a candidate for orthotopic cardiac transplantation EXCEPT:

a. Active infection
b. Age over 65 years
c. History of medical noncompliance
d. Severe pulmonary hypertension

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Heart transplant donors and recipients are matched using the following criteria EXCEPT:

a. Status on the UNOS waiting list
b. Gender
c. Blood type
d. Size

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Required laboratory tests in evaluation of a patient under consideration for heart transplantation include all of the following EXCEPT:

a. Psychosocial evaluation
b. Cardiac catheterization
c. Dental examination
d. All of the above

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Immunologic rejection is mediated by the recipient's:

a. Eosinophils
b. Lymphocytes
c. Neutrophils
d. Plasma cells

Category: Surgery--->Transplantation
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