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 A patient who withdraws from pain, is mumbling inappropriate words, and opens his eyes to pain has a GCS score of:

A. 3
B. 6
C. 9
D. 12

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The most common malignant tumor of the brain is:

A. Ependymoma
B. Astrocytoma
C. Ganglioglioma
D. Teratoma

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A 25-year-old man is seen in the emergency department after he struck his head against the windshield in an automobile accident. He opens his eyes and withdraws his arm during painful stimulation ofhis hand. He responds verbally to questions with inappropriate words. His GCS score is:

A. 6
B. 9
C. 12
D. 15

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The most common level of cervical radiculopathy from cervical disc herniation is:

A. C4-C5
B. C5-C6
C. C6-C7
D. C7-Tl

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A 35-year-old mother of two children, 5 and 6 years, has had amenorrhea and galactorrhea for the past 12 months. Her serum prolactin level is elevated, and radiographs of her skull show an "empty sella:' The most likely diagnosis is:

A. Menopause
B. Pregnancy
C. Pituitary tumor
D. Sheehan syndrome

Category: Surgery--->Neurosurgery
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