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When considering surgical care in LMICs, "task shifting" is often talked about as a way to provide surgical care while additional surgeons are trained and recruited. What does this term refer to? 

A. Shifting care from rural areas to established centers
B. Training nonsurgeon physicians and midlevel practitioners to provide basic surgical care
C. Establishing a system that allows selected surgical disease to be treated medically
D. Shifting the tasks of surgical care from western medical staff to local staff

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You are planning to work abroad but a colleague mentions that "surgery is too expensive" in LMICs and you should focus on providing mosquito netting instead. You disagree, which of the following answers could help you support your case.

A. Surgical treatment is often primary prevention for additional disease ( eg, Cesarean sections help prevent obstetrical fistulae)
B. A number of studies demonstrate that surgical care is below the $100/DALY threshold set by the World Bank for cost -effective care
C. District hospital level surgical service can be provide for $ 1 1-33/DALY averted
D. All of the above

Category: Surgery--->Global Surgery
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