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Who was the Frenchman in charge of the Military Hospital, Val de Grace, in Paris, France, during WWI?

A. Morestin
B. Escoffier
C. Varenne
D. Soyer
E. Tirel

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Which German Jew, whose reputation is based on his rhinoplasty technique, avoided Hitler’s persecution in the 1930s because of his surgical skills?

A. Israel
B. Joseph
C. Weisinger
D. Jacobs
E. Natvig

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In 1819, Sir Astley Cooper performed what was probably the first skin flap used to repair a defect outside the face. What did he repair with this flap?

A. A defect after skin cancer excision on the trunk
B. A urethral fistula
C. A defect of the neck after an ulcerating infection
D. A wound on the lower limb
E. None of these

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Which London surgeon used ‘beads and stops’ in his hypospadias repair?

A. McIndoe
B. Gillies
C. Browne
D. Mowlem
E. Matthews

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Who first described the anatomical structures which cause chordee?

A. Antyllus
B. Lusitanus
C. Paré
D. Anger
E. Galen

Category: Plastic Surgery--->History of plastic surgery
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