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An anxious patient who has not responded to initial doses of clozapine titration wants to know about the dose-dependent side-effects of clozapine.

Which one of the following is definitely not a dose-related risk?

A. Seizures
B. Hypersalivation
C. Sedation
D. Agranulocytosis
E. Anticholinergic effects

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Acetyl cholinesterase and butyryl cholinesterase are two enzymes metabolizing acetylcholine.

Which one of the following anti-dementia drugs has significant effects on both enzymes? 

A. Galantamine
B. Rivastigmine
C. Ginkgo biloba
D. Memantine
E. Donepezil

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A 66-year-old lady being treated for tremors by her neurologist develops insomnia, increased nocturnal myoclonus, and disruptive nightmares following the prescription of a particular medication.

The most likely causative agent is:

A. Bromocriptine
B. Levodopa
C. Propranolol
D. Pramipexole
E. Selegeline

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A patient treated for severe Parkinson’s disease develops troublesome psychotic symptoms attributed to levodopa. The neurologist is reluctant to reduce or stop levodopa given her deterioration in the past when this was attempted.

The most appropriate drug to treat her psychotic symptoms is:

A. Olanzapine
B. Risperidone
C. Quetiapine
D. Paliperidone
E. Bromocriptine

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Which one of the following drugs denatures the monoamine oxidase enzyme, rendering it ineffective to metabolize even low amounts of tyramine?

A. Selegiline
B. Moclobemide
C. Tranylcypromine
D. Reboxetine
E. None of the above

Category: Psychiatry--->Pharmacology
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