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Which of the following is true of breast implants?

a. Saline implants have a lower capsular contracture rate than silicone
b. Silicone implants have a higher deflation rate than saline
c. Textured implants have a higher capsular contracture rate than smooth
d. Subglandular placement has a lower capsular contracture rate than submuscular
e. None of the above

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Theories regarding formation of capsular contracture include:

a. Biofilm
b. Haematoma
c. Foreign body reaction mediated through myofibroblasts
d. Infection
e. All of the above

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Botulinum toxin:

a. Is derived from Bacillus anthracis
b. s derived from Bacillus botulinum
c. May cause hirsutism
d. Is derived from spore-forming anaerobic bacteria
e. Can cause tetanus

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Two hours after blepharoplasty a 60-year-old hypertensive man complains of a swollen, painful right eye and decreased visual acuity. On examination, he has proptosis of the right eye with decreased vision when compared to the left eye. The most appropriate management includes:

a. Head elevation and ice packs
b. Antihypertensive medication
c. Diuretics and pain medication
d. Canthotomy, mannitol and acetazolamide
e. Consultation with an ophthalmologist

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A 45-year-old woman who recently underwent Lasik vision correction is seen in consultation for blepharoplasty. How long following the Lasik procedure would it be appropriate to operate on her?

a. 6 months
b. 1 month
c. 18 months
d. 24 months
e. 3 months

Category: Plastic Surgery--->Aesthetic surgery
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