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The single most important factor in determining whether to perform a transplant between a specific donor and recipient is:

A. Mixed lymphocyte culture assays of the donor and recipient
B. HLA types of the donor and recipient
C. ABO blood types of the donor and recipient
D. Peripheral T-cell count of the recipient

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The most common diagnosis leading to a heart transplant is:

B. Congenital heart disease
C. Ischemic dilated cardiomyopathy
D. Idiopathic dilated myopathy

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All of the following are side effects of cyclosporine administration for prevention of organ rejection EXCEPT:

A. Hyperkalemia
B. Hirsutism
C. Tremor
D. Bone marrow depression

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All of the following are true of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) EXCEPT:

A. Cannulation occurs after withdrawal of life support
B. Minimizes ischemic injury to organs of cardiac death donors
C. Organs are perfused with warm oxygenated blood after declaration of cardiac death
D. Cannulation occurs before withdrawal of life support

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The most significant side effect of sirolimus is:

A. Anemia
B. Leukopenia
C. Impaired wound healing
D. Hypertriglyceridemia

Category: Surgery--->Transplantation
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