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Category: Surgery--->Stomach
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Type III gastric carcinoid tumors:

A. Often do not require resection
B. Are associated with hypergastrinemia
C. Are sporadic lesions
D. Have better outcomes than type I and II tumors

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Watermelon stomach is best treated by:

A. Acid-reducing agents
B. Beta blockers
C. Antrectomy
D. Total gastrectomy

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Treatment for severe early dumping after gastrectomy that is persistent despite an antidumping diet and fiber is:

A. Expectant management
B. Oral glucose for symptoms
C. Octreotide
D. Surgical conversion to a Roux-en-Y drainage

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Menetrier disease is characterized by:

A. Hypertrophic gastric folds and hypoproteinemia
B. A tortuous submucosal congenital arteriovenous malformation
C. Gastric antral vascular ectasia
D. Epithelial hyperplasia and hypergastrinemia

Category: Surgery--->Stomach
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