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Category: Plastic Surgery--->Burns and trauma
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With regard to post-burn reconstruction of the female breast, which of the following statements is correct?

A. Breast development can still occur despite loss of the breast bud prior to puberty
B. When Integra® is used in the peripubertal stage for release of contractures of the breast skin envelope, the breast can subsequently develop as normal in terms of both volume and ptosis
C. Because of the tendency for Integra® to contract it is not advisable to use it to release breast contractures as it prevents normal breast development
D. Tissue expansion should not be used in post-burn breast reconstruction because of the risk of ischaemic damage to the delicate breast bud
E. It is not possible to breast feed after breast reconstruction in a burns patient

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In the primary treatment of burns:

A. Non-sterile cling-film must not be used as a primary dressing
B. Luke-warm water should be used for first aid
C. Primary dressings should be removed to allow accurate weighing of patients for calculation of fluid for resuscitation
D. Antibiotics should be given prophylactically on admission but after swabs have been taken
E. Consent should be taken from relatives or next of kin before escharotomies are undertaken

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In the primary treatment of burns:

A. The first priority is to assess the percentage surface area of burn
B. The first priority is to provide initial basic fluid resuscitation
C. Once fluid resuscitation has commenced, other trauma should be excluded
D. A 30% partial thickness burn injury with combined severe head injury (Glasgow Coma Scale 7) should initially be managed by neurosurgeons if combined care is not available
E. Singed nasal hair should prompt immediate intubation

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With regards to burns:

A. In a child of 10 years, each leg approximates 14% body surface area
B. Tangential excision was first described in 1957
C. Lightning strikes cause classical cutaneous Lichtenstein figures
D. Carbon monoxide has a half-life of approximately 4 hours breathing room air but just over 1 hour breathing 100% oxygen
E. The specific antidote for cyanide poisoning is activated charcoal

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The following are true about the Le Fort 2 fracture pattern:

A. It passes across the nasal bones
B. It passes through the pterygoid plates
C. The bony fragment contains the lacrimal crests and alveolus
D. None of the choices
E. All of the choices

Category: Plastic Surgery--->Burns and trauma
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