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Each one of the following is a risk factor for gastric cancer, except:

A. Smoking
B. Blood group O
C. Nitrates in diet
D. Pernicious anaemia
E. H. pylori infection

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Crohn's disease is associated with each one of the following findings, except:

A. Inflammation confined to the mucosa and submucosa
B. Non-caseating granulomas
C. Rose-thorn ulcers
D. Cobblestone pattern
E. Fistulas

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Which one of the following is most associated with the development of acute pancreatitis?

A. Hyperchylomicronaemia
B. Amyloidosis
C. Hypogammaglobulinaemia
D. Hypercholesterolaemia
E. Hypotriglyceridaemia

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A 42-year-old dentist is reviewed in the medical clinic complaining of persistent lethargy. Routine bloods show abnormal liver function tests so a hepatitis screen is sent. The results are shown below:

What do these results most likely demonstrate?

A. Hepatitis B infection
B. Hepatitis C infection
C. Previous vaccination to hepatitis B and C
D. Hepatitis C infection with previous hepatitis B vaccination
E. Hepatitis B and C infection

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A 25-year-old man with a history of Crohn's disease is reviewed in clinic. Over the past week he has developed painful perianal ulcers. On examination numerous shallow ulcers can be seen with a small number of skin tags.

What is the most appropriate first-line treatment?

A. Topical mesalazine
B. Oral metronidazole
C. Barrier creams + laxatives
D. Oral prednisolone
E. Oral mesalazine

Category: Prometric--->Gastroenterology
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