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According to Adler, a sense of inadequacy and weakness that is universal and inborn is called:

A. Inferiority complex
B. Organ inferiority
C. Birth order theory
D. Masculine protest
E. Individual psychology

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Which of the following is NOT a concept proposed by Melanie Klein?

A. Paranoid schizoid position
B. Reaction formation
C. Splitting
D. Depressive position
E. Projective identification

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With which of the following developmental phases is Margaret Mahler associated?

A. Anal phase
B. Autistic phase
C. Conventional morality phase
D. Individuality vs inferiority phase
E. Operational stage

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Avoiding the awareness of some painful aspect of reality by negating sensory data is called:

A. Reaction formation
B. Projection
C. Denial
D. Suppression
E. Repression

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Which of the following is NOT a mature defence mechanism?

A. Isolation
B. Altruism
C. Humour
D. Anticipation
E. Sublimation

Category: Psychiatry--->Psychology
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