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Anatomy of the ureter. Which one is TRUE?

A. Along its course, the ureter passes in front of the gonadal vessels and behind the bifurcation of the common iliac vessels
B. The wall of the ureter has three layers
C. The ureter originates in front of the renal artery
D. The blood supply to the ureter includes the middle rectal artery
E. There are two areas of narrowing along the length of the ureter

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Anatomy of the renal vasculature. Which one is TRUE?

A. The posterior segmental artery is formed after entering the renal hilum
B. Arcuate arteries give rise to interlobar arteries
C. There are four anterior segmental arteries
D. PUJ obstruction may be caused by an anterior segmental artery
E. The left renal vein passes in front of the superior mesenteric artery to reach the IVC

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Which one of the following is TRUE regarding the adrenal glands?

A. The right gland is round in shape and lies lower than the left
B. The zona fasciculata produces sex hormones
C. The cortex contains chromaffin cells, which produce catecholamines
D. The blood supply to the adrenal gland includes the inferior phrenic artery
E. Postganglionic sympathetic fibres directly innervate the adrenal glands

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Anatomy of the penis. Which one of the following is TRUE? 

A. The corpus spongiosum is attached to the inferior ischiopubic rami at the root of the penis
B. The cavernosal artery supplies the urethra, glans and spongiosum
C. Buck’s fascia is continuous with Colles’ fascia in the perineum
D. The cavernosal nerve provides sensory supply to the penile skin
E. The arcuate subpubic ligament helps to maintain the erect penis in an upright position

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Anatomy of the anterior abdominal wall and fascial layers. Which one of the following is TRUE?

A. The aponeuroses all pass in front of the rectus muscle at the level of the umbilicus
B. Pyramidalis muscle acts to stabilise the linea alba and keep it taut
C. The internal oblique originates from the anterior aspect of the lower eight ribs
D. The deep inguinal ring is medial to the inferior epigastric artery
E. Camper’s fascia lines the scrotum and perineum

Category: Urology--->Anatomy & Embryology
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