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Category: Surgery--->Spleen
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Which of the following is NOT a location where accessory spleens can be found?

A. Gastrocolic ligament
B. Gerota's fascia
C. Large bowel mesentery
D. Broad ligament

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Which of the following splenic ligaments is NOT an avascular plane?

A. Gastrosplenic
B. Splenocolic
C. Phrenosplenic
D. Splenorenal

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All of the following are functions of the spleen EXCEPT:

A. Clearance of damaged or aged red blood cells (RBCs) from the blood
B. Extramedullary site for hematopoiesis and recycling iron
C. Initiation of adaptive immune response from filtration of lymph
D. Clearance of encapsulated bacteria from the bloodstream

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Which of the following proteins is not altered in hereditary spherocytosis (HS)?

A. Pyruvate kinase
B. Spectrin
C. Ankyrin
D. Band 3 protein

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Splenectomy is indicated as a treatment in which of the following conditions?

A. Cold-antibody autoimmune hemolytic anemia (AIHA)
B. Hodgkin's disease
C. G6PD deficiency
D. Abscesses of the spleen

Category: Surgery--->Spleen
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