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The following is true about otoplasty:

A. Glue can be used effectively instead of head bandages
B. Conchal reduction should be undertaken using an anterior approach in most cases
C. Closed techniques of cartilage scoring have high recurrence rates
D. Splinting of the ear after birth to correct prominent ears is an old wives’ tale and simply does not work
E. Suture techniques have lower complication rates than cartilage scoring techniques

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A frontonasal encephalocele commonly causes: 

A. Hypertelorism
B. Double vision
C. Telecanthus
D. Frontal sinus enlargement
E. Nasal shortening

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Which is false regarding Treacher-Collins syndrome?

A. It is the same as Franceschetti syndrome and mandibulofacial dysostosis
B. It is relatively rare with an incidence of 1:25,000-1:50,000
C. It is equivalent to combined Tessier clefts 7, 8 and 9
D. Cleft palate is often a feature
E. Angle class II malocclusion is a feature

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A 7-year-old has cryptotia. Which of the following operative techniques is most appropriate for correction?

A. Advancement of the third crus of the antihelix
B. Partial detachment of the folded segment of helical cartilage from the scapha and repositioning of the helix with sutures
C. Placement of sutures from the conchal bowl to the mastoid fascia
D. Rasping of the anterior surface of the antihelical cartilage to create the antihelix
E. Separation of the superior auricle from the temporal skin with placement of a retro-auricular skin graft

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A neonate has C5-6 brachial plexus palsy at birth. Complete recovery of function is most likely in this patient if some activity is demonstrated in the deltoid and biceps muscles by how many months of age? 

A. 3 months
B. 5 months
C. 6 months
D. 8 months
E. 12 months

Category: Plastic Surgery--->Paediatric plastic surgery
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