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Category: Psychiatry--->History, Social Psychiatry and Ethics
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Case studies have been traditionally useful in studying brain–behaviour relationships. In one of such case study Phineas Gage, a railway worker, sustained damage to which of the following brain areas?

A. Parietal lobe
B. Hypothalamus
C. Pineal gland
D. Frontal lobe
E. Temporal lobe

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Lithium was used in which of the following medical illnesses before being rediscovered for mania?

A. Gout
B. Osteoarthritis
C. Epilepsy
D. Stroke
E. Goitre

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Which one of the following is the oldest treatment method employed to cure mental illness?

A. Electroconvulsion
B. Coma induction
C. Trephination
D. Lobotomy
E. Rest cure

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Durkheim is a name associated with the study of which of the following phenomena?

A. Homicide
B. Violence
C. Truancy
D. Arson
E. Suicide

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Which of the following is a correct match with respect to diagnostic scales in psychiatry?

A. Negative symptoms: Jaspers
B. Akathisia: Barnes
C. Frontal battery: Folstein
D. MMSE: Andreasen
E. Formal thought disturbance: Hare

Category: Psychiatry--->History, Social Psychiatry and Ethics
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