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Which of the following is true regarding breast cancer metastasis? 

A. Metastases occur after breast cancers acquire their own blood supply
B. Batson plexus facilitates metastasis to the lung
C. Natural killer cells have no role in breast cancer immuno-surveillance
D. Twenty percent of women who develop breast carcinoma metastases will do so within 60 months of treatment

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All of the following are true concerning breast LCIS EXCEPT:

A. Develops only in the female breast
B. Cytoplasmic mucoid globules are a distinctive cellular feature
C. Frequency of LCIS cannot be reliably determined
D. The average age at diagnosis is 65 to 70 years

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Which of the following concerning breast cancer staging is correct?

A. Stage I tumors have no metastases to either lymph nodes or distant sites
B. Stage III tumors include some with distant metastases (M1 disease)
C. Inflammatory carcinoma is considered T4 disease
D. N4 disease includes metastases to highest contralateral axillary nodes
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Factors that determine the type of therapy offered to patients after diagnosis of breast cancer include all of the following EXCEPT:

A. Whether or not a therapy has been proven effective in clinical trials
B. Stage of disease
C. General health of patient
D. Biologic subtype

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Which of the following statements about the management of distal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) is true?

A. DCIS treated by mastectomy has a local recurrence rate of 2%
B. Extensive DCIS should be treated with tamoxifen followed by lumpectomy
C. Specimen mammography is only useful for patients with small amounts of DCIS
D. Postoperative tamoxifen is useful in DCIS patients whose tumors are estrogen-receptor (ER) negative

Category: Surgery--->Breast
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