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All of the following are true about accelerated partial breast irradiation (APBI) EXCEPT:

A. APBI is delivered in an abbreviated fashion and a lower total dose than standard course of whole breast radiation
B. Suitable patients for APBI include women older than or equal to 60 years
C. Suitable patients for APBI include patients whose tumor margins are greater than or equal to 2 mm
D. Suitable patients for APBI include those with multifocal disease

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Patients not suitable for sentinel lymph node (SLN) biopsy include all of the following EXCEPT:

A. Inflammatory carcinoma of the breast
B. Prior axillary surgery
C. Biopsy-proven distant metastases
D. Lower inner quadrant of breast primary carcinoma

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Which of the following is true concerning breast cancer during pregnancy? 

A. Metastases to lymph nodes occur in approximately 75% of patients
B. Approximately 50% of breast nodules developing during pregnancy are malignant
C. Mammography is especially useful in localizing small lesions
D. There is risk of chemotherapy teratogenicity if used during the second, but not the third, trimester of pregnancy

Category: Surgery--->Breast
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