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All of the following are true regarding laparoscopic splenectomy EXCEPT:

A. It is associated with shorter hospital stays
B. It is associated with increased intraoperative blood loss
C. It is associated with decreased morbidity
D. Patients are positioned in the right lateral decubitus position or the 45° right lateral decubitus position

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What is the most common complication following open splenectomy?

A. Pancreatitis
B. Left lower lobe atelectasis
C. Pleural effusion
D. Wound infection

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Which of the following patients is at highest risk for OPSI?

A. A 30-year old who underwent splenectomy for ITP
B. A 25-year old who underwent splenectomy for iatrogenic bleeding after a total colectomy
C. A 3-year old who underwent splenectomy for hereditary spherocytosis
D. A 4-year old who underwent splenectomy due to bleeding after a motor vehicle crash

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Which of the following asplenic patients should receive prophylactic antibiotic therapy to protect against OPSI?

A. A 35-year-old man undergoing a tooth extraction
B. A 4-year -old child who recently underwent splenectomy
C. A 15-year-old boy who underwent splenectomy at age 13
D. There is little evidence supporting efficacy of prophylactic antibiotics

Category: Surgery--->Spleen
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