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The parents brought in their 10-month-old boy, who present with a history of excessive straining when trying to have a bowel movement. On physical exam you clearly see he has developed a rectal prolapse.

What is your next step in management? 

A. Surgical consult
B. Sweat chloride test
C. Stool studies
D. Reassurance
E. Prescribe a stool softener

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At 36 hours of age a full-term infant has not yet passed meconium. Physical examination reveals jaundice and abdominal distention. Radiographs of the abdomen show dilated loops of bowel. A meconium plug is passed after rectal examination.

Which of the following would be the most definitive diagnostic test to order?

A. Barium enema
B. Ultrasound of the abdomen
C. Sweat chloride test
D. Urine calcium excretion
E. Voiding cystourethrogram

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A 7-year-old male with recurrent sinusitis has difficulty breathing through his nose. He has had chronic diarrhea and his weight is at the 5th percentile. Nasal polyps are noted on examination in the form of grayish pale masses in both nares. No nasal purulence or odor is present.

Which one of the following tests should you order?

A. A serum angiotensin-converting enzyme level
B. A serum alpha-1-antitrypsin level
C. A serum ceruloplasmin level
D. An erythrocyte sedimentation rate
E. A sweat chloride test

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Cystic fibrosis may present in the neonatal period or in adults.

Which of the following are possible complications associated with cystic fibrosis?  

A. Rectal prolapse
B. Protein-calorie malnutrition
C. Nasal polyps
D. Male infertility
E. All of the above

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A child’s sweat chloride test value is 65 mmol/L (normal < 60 mmol/L) on two occasions.

He will very likely suffer from:

A. Mild gastrointestinal inflammation
B. Profuse perspiration
C. Chest pain, dyspnea and Horner's
D. Severe lung disease, pancreatic insufficiency and infertility
E. Peripheral edema, eosinophilia, cardiomyopathy

Category: Prometric--->Paediatrics
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